Interested in Contributing to the Portfolio Project?

We are excited to pool collective knowledge about careers in data science and statistics. To this end, we welcome contributions to the blog re: data science, statistics, technology, professional development, real world data experience and anecdotes, and so on.

A valuable resource, which our blog will soon link to, is R-Bloggers. Check it out, and look for CCD posts to show up on R-Bloggers!

To contribute, you can either reach out directly with a request or post, and we will post it for you. Or, you can directly contribute by suggesting a change via pull request. To do so:

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Add your post in the .../content/blog directory as a new .md file
  3. Request a merge of your branch

We will quickly review, and merge the branch to publish your post if it is aligned with the CCD’s interests. If it is not immediately obvious how your post fits in, we will comment on the pull request with questions, comments, and a general review to ensure we are on the same page before posting.