What is the Portfolio Project?

The Portfolio Project is a special effort from the American Statistical Association’s (ASA) Committee on Career Development (CCD). The goal of the project is pretty simple…

To offer tools, resources, and technology to scholars and practitioners for developing and cultivating a vibrant, professional online presence.

There is a bit packed into this definition. Let’s break it down a bit.

In short, a portfolio is an incredible opportunity to meet the largely expected challenge of “showing, not telling.” This challenge combined with the competitiveness of the fields of statistics and data science imply a need for not only establishing an online presence but establishing a high quality, effective, and convincing online presence. As such, the Portfolio Project from the CCD intends to offer resources to help our members and readers on their way to standing out in this increasingly crowded space.

Note: We are actively developing and expanding this project. So, please reach out to us with any ideas for content, blogs, demonstrations, etc. We are happy to consider any ideas.